I'm Stephanie, and I'm here to make your photography experience effortless and enjoyable. With a passion for capturing genuine moments, my strength lies in helping you feel comfortable and have fun throughout the process. When you choose to work with me, expect more than just beautiful photos; expect to enjoy every moment, share in laughter, and create lasting memories together.

Wedding and portrait photographer, photographing the beauty in life

About Stephanie

As a kid I would pour over my parents yearbooks and wedding album. I'd dream about what life was like and who they were. I became somewhat obsessed with holding on to my own memories through photos. I began taking photography classes and learned how to use a darkroom in high school, then went on to study art and photography at the University of Georgia. At UGA I focused on photographing my family, using a large format film camera as my medium.

When I photographed my very first wedding 15 years ago I fell in love with wedding photography. Since then life has changed quite a bit, but I still love what I do. 

 “There is one thing the photo must contain-the humanity of the moment"
-Robert Frank

- Miriam & Christian

“Stephanie was extremely involved, creative, responsive, and easy to work with...we are simply in awe of her work! We cannot recommend her enough”

Beauty is everywhere. Living in the Shenandoah Valley with the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains at my fingertips means I don’t have to try hard to see it. I’m surrounded by a tangible, objective beauty. But more than romantic mountains and green valleys, I see beauty in love and laughter, in quiet moments, and in human emotions.

I’m interested in the humanness of my subjects. There is something about genuine connection between people that inspires me to photograph it. 

I love photographing people, you are my muse

Stephanie's perspective

Heather + Zach

“Stephanie was AMAZING! She took the most beautiful photos for our wedding (and our engagement session)! Stephanie and her second shooter braved the weather with us (wind, rain, and cold) to capture some of our favorite pictures ever. Cannot recommend her enough! Great personality, so easy to work and communicate with, and her photography skills are just TOO GOOD!"

Holly + Tres

“We could not imagine a better photographer for our wedding than Stephanie! We knew that her images would be lovely, but it was really her fun and easygoing personality that made it a perfect fit. "

At Stephanie Whitehill Photography, we aim to interpret both significant and mundane moments through an artistic lens. To deliver visual reminders of these moments with intimate and moving images. 

Why we are here

We are committed to treating others with respect and kindness, both behind the camera and in our interactions with clients and collaborators. We want to showcase the inherent beauty and value of every individual. We believe deeply in the sanctity of life and marriage and seek to reflect this belief in our photography.

Commitment to others

Through our work, we strive to honor the richness of individual stories. Our goal is to capture the beauty of relationships with integrity and sincerity. To create artistic, moving images that make the subjects feel beautiful and preserve moments in time.   

Vision for photography

Our mission...

In photography I'm passionate about beautiful light, unnoticed expressions, tight hugs, quiet moments, laughter, and beauty.  I truly want you to have a wonderful experience throughout our time together. I'm here to answer questions, be your support, and guide you through the entire process. 

Gorgeous photography for your dream wedding